Quality Management in the Disability Services Environment


In the Quality and Safeguarding Framework it states that you will need to focus on processes and put plans in place to monitor, review and communicate the quality of your services, supports and products.

Once the National Quality and Safeguarding Framework is enacted, there are 3 core obligations on a service provider in order to be compliant

  1. Worker Screening - Educate existing personnel and onboard new employees so that services can be delivered consistently
  2. Complaints Processes - Feedback systems, dispute management processes and acting on that feedback.
  3. Incident Reporting - According to the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework, 9 December 2016, “Providers have primary responsibility for preventing and managing serious incidents, so they are expected to have processes for this as part of their risk management system.”

Not complying has serious consequences. Complying can create administrative overheads and strain the efficiency of an organisation.  Bringing Quality Management standards and processes into your organisation will save time and energy.

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