Don't search, FIND with docScout

Did you know that approximately one month per employee is wasted every year as employees struggle to find the right documents in SharePoint. This is costing organisations up to $2 million  per annum.

Improve productivity and manage risk by introducing Holocentric's docScout to complement your existing Microsoft SharePoint environment. docScout collates Microsoft SharePoint documents into a simplified and easy to use view. docScout guides users to the documents related to each business activity, making it quick and easy to find the right document every time.

Unlock the investment

A rapid return on investment and clear benefits are achievable by implementing docScout in your organisation.  In addition to rapid financial returns, docScout delivers:

  • Improved user experience with SharePoint and perceptions of SharePoint
  • Better consistency, compliance and reliability as personnel use the right forms, procedures and policies
  • Reduced duplication of content within SharePoint by presenting all documentation relating to each business activity in a single view, facilitating rationalisation and cleanup of your SharePoint documents.