Year In Review 2017 - Message from the CEO

2017 is about to finish and we are celebrating a great year of growth in the company. More importantly, we have seen our customers achieve a variety of excellent outcomes and so much more with our products. These range from strategy and benefits realisation to process improvement, systems implementation, transformation, knowledge management, metadata management and governance. Compliance and regulation are two aspects of governance that are often top of mind for senior executives, so are the focus of our newsletter this month.

Large, complex organisations are realising the need for management knowledge through a single source, to align strategy to execution and to be able to implement change and transformation more quickly and more often. At Holocentric, we call this a Business Management System (BMS). It has been very encouraging to hear from Gartner over the last 12 months of the need for a Business Operating System, which is very similar in concept to our BMS.

Managing Regulation Changes with a Modelling Approach

Despite being one of the most important areas of doing business, research has shown that more than half of Australian businesses struggle with compliance. However, failure to comply with industry regulations can have serious and dire consequences that result in heavy fines, trading restrictions and sometimes even jail time for directors.

Legislation and regulation is constantly changing and it can be daunting for businesses due to the level of documentation and frantic activity that often surrounds compliance audits. This can make the process be seen as less of an ongoing quality control mechanism and rather, a costly reactive imposition with little benefit.  

BMS 3.2.0 Now Released

Our team at Holocentric is excited to announce the new release of our long-awaited BMS 3.2.0. The new BMS 3.2.0 release has introduced various new features that will help organisations be more efficient and productive. These include a redesign of the authentication for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) users allowing clients to seamlessly authenticate users within their organisation using Azure AD in BMS.

An Integrated Approach to Compliance in the Airline Industry

Safety authorities around the world have adapted the self-regulated approach to surveillance of the industry, encouraging airlines to take responsibility for their own safety management systems (SMS) while also ensuring compliance to relevant regulations.

Managing safety is not a small feat for an industry with such a deep level of complexity, both on human and operational levels. Being able to define and execute Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in a manner that is compliant with regulation is business critical, but it can also drive efficiency. But to do so, airlines must adopt an integrated approach whereby legislation and regulations are managed in the context of flight and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations.

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What You Need To Know About Business Management Software


An emerging software category that is generating considerable interest is business management software. The growing maturity of this segment is being driven by the need to be more agile and manage the growing complexity within organisations.

Today’s enterprises are grappling with how to address constant change and disruption at both micro and macro levels. Size, complexity and the siloed nature of operational structures are making transformation and strategy implementation, not just challenging but in many cases impossible.

Rather than implementing improvements department by department or silo by silo, executives need to see how change will impact entire value chains that flow horizontally and vertically across the organisation, affecting different areas, roles, processes and controls in varied ways.

To help executives map the operating environment, a business management software is essential. This will allow them more visibility over value chains and also the ability to simulate how changes will impact the organisation.

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BMS Feature Highlight: Using Change Management

Change management is fundamental in achieving successful business transformation, and successful change management can deliver organisational cultural change and establish a better team working environment. To achieve this, a sound change management framework should be adopted to ensure that all changes to content are properly assessed, approved and implemented in a controlled and systematic manner.

How to Survive in a Disruptive Industry

Our CEO, Bruce Nixon, spoke to Australian Anthill about how businesses can survive in a Disruption Industry.


Organisations are grappling with greater levels of disruption across multiple industry sectors than ever seen before.

"Burying your head in the sand at the onslaught of constant disruption can have dire consequences on your organisation. It’s time to get real and embrace disruption, because it’s here to stay."

But it’s not as gloomy as you might think. In fact, your organisation could even benefit from disruption if you use the push as motivation for change.

We all admire the great disrupters. Tech startups like Uber, Airb&b and Amazon have revolutionised the way consumers consume. But we can’t shy away from the fact that these industry revolutionaries have also caused the financial collapse of entire businesses trying to compete in these respective industries.

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