Ever the warning lighthouse and the beckoning lantern, Bruce has steered Holocentric through a multitude of tides, storms to safe harbours in new lands. Where there is a course of action to be taken, Bruce always has a plan A, a backup plan and an array of contingency measures ready for deployment. He is tirelessly dedicated to seeing Holocentric achieve excellence, and to ensuring that Holocentric’s customers and employees are well looked after and cared for.

Bruce is fiercely passionate in his belief that companies can save countless hours and dollars through the implementation of the Business Management System. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that as many organisations hear the message, take their first steps on their BMS journey and reap the resulting benefits.

Derek Winter Renouf



One of the original founders of Holocentric, Derek is the driving force behind Holocentric’s technology vision and product roadmap. He is a company founder and has more than ten years of experience in perfecting Business Management System (BMS).

In the course of pursuing his vision, Derek has gathered about him a team of highly skilled developers and technical support staff to ensure that his exacting demands for a BMS are met and delivered on time.

Ian excell


Business development manager - federal government

Ian has more than proven his track record in working with government clients to deliver remarkable results. He uses a scrupulous attention to detail, an encyclopedic knowledge of standards and regulations and tireless dedication to achieve outstanding goals for Holocentric's clients. 

A man with sage advice, developed from over 25 years experience including 10 years with Microsoft, Ian passionately believes and has seen first hand that the BMS can and does make a difference to the working lives of client organisations at all levels. 

Geoff Zuber


Geoff understands business. Their challenges, the complexity they must tame, the human factors they must consider. Well respected for his strategic thinking, determination and passion for business transformation programs, Geoff has established strong relationships with many C-level executives within leading Australian organisations, in both government and private sectors. He has earned their admiration and respect for the results the Holocentric team has delivered for clients under his direction.

Part of the founding management team at Holocentric, Geoff has drawn on his extensive experience working in sales and in senior management roles for global companies such as Honeywell, Microsoft and Cisco Systems to help steer the company from strength to strength.

Aaron Davison

Solution ArchitecturE MANAGER

Aaron has made it his life’s mission to ensure that information is easily accessible and up to date. He works tirelessly with his team to create the most informative, relevant and user-friendly modelling frameworks and tools for customers.

Aaron is one of the longest serving members of Holocentric. He has undertaken tours of duty as consultant, developer and product manager. With his years and breadth of experience, Aaron is intimately familiar with the needs of Holocentric’s customers as well as the necessities of a clear and concise notation.

Serene Spencer

Operations Manager

Serene is the cornerstone of Holocentric’s interaction with its customers. When the rubber hits the road and customers need answers, Serene will marshal her Support troops and leave no subject matter expert’s knowledge unplumbed until a resolution is found.

Serene and her team keep the Holocentric wheels rolling smoothly, they keep the books balanced, orders processed, salaries paid and most importantly staff happy. 

She firmly believes in collaboration and harmony throughout the company, and makes certain to encourage a friendly, collegiate atmosphere.

Dwight don

General MANAGER - Defence

Coming from a project management background, Dwight ruthlessly researches, documents and plans his every move. He also has an edgier side, and is not afraid to speak his mind, challenging long established concepts, promoting new ideas and calculated risks, should the execution of those actions be thoroughly planned and documented.

A go-getter by nature, if Dwight is lacking in a particular skill or piece of knowledge in order to bring a plan to fruition, Dwight will leap in and teach himself whatever is necessary to achieve an optimal outcome. Dwight is an avid, passionate and considerate family man who always makes time in his overloaded schedule for his family. 

Walter Tran

Consulting Services MANAGER - Sydney

There is nothing Walter enjoys more than being at a client's site and leading in the implementation of a new Business Management System, or an improvement to an existing one.

He has carefully selected a team of highly capable, like minded individuals to ensure that clients have the very best technology and knowledge available to understand, develop and improve their business.

Walter's successes with clients come from his willingness to listen, absorb and learn all he can from them, and then clearly and concisely communicate with his team exactly what needs to be done in order to satisfy their needs. 

Michael Schuster

National Manager Business Development

Michael is a dedicated business professional with a broad skills base developed during a progressive career within the ICT industry both within Australia and internationally.

He has demonstrated high performance results within program/project management, business development, and operations roles. Michael has also had his own consultancy business and software company and has served as an executive director on two ICT company boards.

Michael’s successful track record indicates a pragmatic approach to instilling trust-bond, partnership relationships with stakeholders, sponsors, customers and vendors alike. 


Scott Parkin


Business acumen built on experience working from small business to blue-chip enterprise gives Scott a unique perspective into the daily life of Holocentric's clients. He has a reputation for research and analysis that others draw upon knowing all possibilities have been explored.

Scott has an ability to influence and negotiate effectively built upon respectful and resilient relationships with stakeholders, leading to operational excellence and exceeded project targets.

As a story teller, Scott is able to engage his audience with concepts presented in uniquely resonating messages. He enjoys being challenged and will never let an opportunity go by to ask "why?".