Minimise the risk of change.

Statistics say that your change program only has a 30% chance of success
(McKinsey & Co)

Change is dynamic, so your people need to be. The difference between failure and success isn't technology, it's people. The benefits your program delivers is reliant on your ability to inform and influence your personnel to embrace a new way of working.

A modelling and knowledge-based approach provides a clear, easy to understand picture of change. Having the ability to understand the impact of change, how to align it with business needs and envisioning a clear "future state" perspective are crucial for success. 

Support your transformation with a bms

The BMS reduces the overall project cost and associated risk, while providing certainty of achieving stronger user acceptance. The Holocentric BMS represents in one system the DNA of your business from project inception to day-to-day operations.  

Holocentric's BMS addresses the key challenges of complex change management. It captures and organises the DNA of your business while delivering knowledge to stakeholders to share, review, discuss and collaborate. Change can then be implemented while understanding the business impact to reduce risk and cost. Using the BMS provides your organisation with a baseline and operational framework for continuous improvement.