A ‘Digital Twin’ is a virtualization of your business, it digitally mirrors your business and how it operates in the physical world. It remains in sync with its physical twin to ensure it remains a true and accurate reflection.  

Your business model, strategies, policies, operational processes, people, technology and performance and the connections between each of these, are all part of the DNA of your business and are mirrored by your Digital Twin.

Holocentric provides a holistic view of strategy, processes and customer touchpoints that supports collaboration and decision making in a DTO.

Why have a Digital Twin of your business?

The old saying that ‘the only constant is change’ has never been truer than today. Organizations are complex yet they must be agile in order to maintain their competitive advantage, innovate  and remain compliant with rapidly changing regulation.

A Digital Twin de-risks change by transferring innovation design from the high risk and costly physical world to a virtual environment where changes can be simulated and alternatives tested rapidly and with minimal cost.

When applied to your existing operating business, a Digital Twin enables you to monitor your current business performance, discover the underlying levers of your performance and track the benefits envisaged due to enhancements introduced to your business.

Three business drivers for continuous improvement

noun_Customer Satisfaction_66932_004b85.png

Deliver great customer experience

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Operate efficiently


Meet compliance obligations

Don’t compromise one to meet the other.  It’s hard to make all three business drivers improve without sacrificing one.


Example Scenario: Additional regulations increase compliance obligations and usually involve additional and more lengthy processes and cost, at the risk of harming customer experience and reducing operational effectiveness.  A DTO allows you to model and streamline processes, simulate future operations and implement changes with greater confidence.

The Digital Twin is the answer
A Digital Twin binds the plans, strategies, the model of the organization and the actual performance.