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FREE Webinar - Does your Operating Model Reflect the Real World?

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In the theoretical world your business operating model aligns with your plans and strategy, your business runs like a well-oiled machine and everyone performs their job effectively, efficiently and compliantly. But in the actual world, you are facing poor quality and compliance and what should take 2 hours now takes 3 hours and you are not sure why.

Aligning your digital model with your actual business in a Digital Twin of an Organisation (DTO) helps you make sense of why things don’t meet your expectations.

A true DTO is dynamic, harnessing process mining to interrogate your IT system logs together with business intelligence data to give you a true reflect of what is really happening. Armed with a DTO you can work with facts, and not fiction, to drive continuous improvement and sustainable business transformation.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How a Business Management System models your Digital Twin

  • How to improve your business using data-based decision making

  • How to use process mining to discover your actual business processes and their efficiencie

  • How you can start small and realise quick returns with a DTO


Hear from Dwight about how to mirror your digital world with the actual business and use a DTO to improve customer experience, optimise costs and continuously improve your processes.

Dwight is a senior executive in Holocentric and has vast experience working with some of Australia’s largest government and corporate entities. Gartner have identified Holocentric as a representative vendor in the DTO market place. We are a leading provider in the DTO and Business Management System technologies.