Uncover hidden reliance on legacy systems to determine the scope of your technology upgrade projects

By modelling how your legacy systems support your business processes you can generate a report detailing the required scope of your technology upgrade projects. 

Armed with this knowledge, informed tradeoff decisions may be made, including whether to customise the new system, modify business processes or develop workarounds to fill gaps in missing functionality. 

Leverage your current state model as a baseline for your future state design

Your operational model becomes a baseline for your next transformation program, accelerating your ability to initiate and execute large scale business and technology transformation programs.

Incremental changes to your operational model while your transformation program is in-flight automatically cascade into the future state model, unless they have been overidden by transformation program changes.   

Process-centric business & system requirements definition

Process-centric requirements definition results in more complete requirements, without the waste of ill-defined requirements that are not necessary to support your future state operating model. 

Importantly process-centric requirements definition empowers the business as it communicates requirements in the context of business process so that they can better understand, review and verify their accuracy and appropriateness.