Knowledge Management

Knowledge connected & in context

Holocentric's innovative approach to knowledge management recognises the value of connected knowledge.

Traditional knowledge management methods manage documents rather than information, resulting in high levels of duplicated information across those documents, and consequently quite often contradictory and conflicting information due to documents not being consistently maintained. 

The Holocentric approach captures knowledge elements once, then reuses this information many times in different online views and generated reports such as procedures, training material, and IT specifications. 


Surface knowledge buried in Document Management Systems

Document Management Systems (DMS)  are great for archiving documents, but they are terrible at helping you find the right document when you need it. This is for two key reasons: 

  1. they do not place documents in the context of when they need to be accessed
  2. document authors file documents in an archive structure that may be relevant to them, but typically is not relevant to the future audiences or users of the document.

The BMS can connect to your DMS and surface the right documents to users. By relating your docments to the relevant processes, they are placed in the context of when they should be used, thus making it quick and easy for your operational staff.