Gemini Technology Platform

Our innovative and unique compliance solution is built on Holocentric’s trusted Modeler™ technology. We have taken the very best new digital technologies, customer-centric concepts, architecture and metamodeling to build the Gemini Technology platform.  Based on this technology is our Business Management System, Digital Twin of an Organization and Centro ASSIST products for the healthcare market.


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Benefits of using technology for conformance and compliance

We consider and balance all the facets of your organization that make it unique. We understand the balancing act of compliance, efficiency, customer experience and technology

1. Holocentric takes a holistic approach.

We allow you to build and maintain a holistic model of your policies, processes, strategy, business operations and customer experience. Map your organizations end-to-end processes and monitor their performance.

2. Delivered as a software as a service with web-based interface or on-premise hosting.

3. Collaboration and communication platform of processes, policies, files, templates, roles and responsibilities.

Map views and images of the organizations operations.

4. Process Mining leverages the data in your IT systems.

Discover how processes are actually executed within your organization. Process mining can be your reality check. Ensure conformance aligns with your business processes. Highlight areas for process improvement.

5. We offer a range of software that when combined form a Digital Twin of your Organization (DTO).

A DTO mirrors your actual business model and operations together. It monitors your performance and situational awareness. Thus enabling you to make informed decisions based on real data insights.

6. Each software component is available individually.

You can focus your efforts and investment on your immediate priorities. Have confidence that Holocentric will be there to support you as your needs change.


Which product is right for you?

Process Mining

Process Mining unlocks the potential of your IT systems and data.

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Business Management System

A Business Management System (BMS) that designs your future operational model.

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Digital Twin of an Organization

A DTO that mirrors your actual business model and executes your strategy using digital intelligence.

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For those that love the detail, here is how it works

The platform can host multiple product lines and enables execution of agile product design. The platform has both administration and targeted application user interfaces. Both interfaces give a specific User eXperience, showing relevant content and features.

The Gemini platform is designed to scale. The platform uses Kubernetes as its orchestration engine which enables it to support variable loads without any change to the hosting infrastructure. As an open-source system we are able to automate deployment, scale and manage the distributed applications. Kubernetes allows us to run applications across a cluster of servers.

The design addresses:

  • Multi-experience apps, which are configuration based.

  • Apps provides highly targeted UX, so they are fit-for-purpose.

  • Can handle small or large organisations due to the elastic nature of content, app and search technology.

  • Organisations can be quickly and easily provisioned with subscription options to cater to specific needs, enabling features and proprietary content.

 The product is hosted in the cloud using high security data centres. All http traffic is directed on SSL and all user personal data is stored securely. Any data passed between the web server and browsers is private and we have a current SSL Certificate.

The product is:

  • Designed to adhere to GDPR standards for protecting personal data.

  • Implements REST APIs and message queues using open source technologies.

  • WCAG 2.0 is the technical standard we have initiated




Support for Massive models
Living Content


Versioning, Change &
Release Management


Unicode-Based Languages
Fit-for-purpose on multiple devices, UX designed interface


System Integration
Public APIs


Settings-based approach for configuration
Cloud-native Services


The Gemini Technology platform has been developed by our own internal development team, with original innovation, software architecture and design. The platform is hosted in the cloud (or on-premises). Automated testing is used to maintain product quality between releases.

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