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Our Customers

We have been providing quality model-based solutions to government, financial services, airlines, technology, manufacturing, and utilities sector organizations since 2003.

Airservices Australia
Qantas Catering

Landsbankinn (Iceland)

Department of Defence
NSW Department of Industry - Lands

Bolton Clarke
NSW Department of Health and Human Services Victoria

Downer Rail
Downer EDI
GE Aviation
Sydney Trains

Sydney Water
Western Power
Water NSW

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Your partners in compliance

Holocentric helps you achieve business excellence, conformance and compliance by understanding the connections, roles and processes in your business. Embed and communicate the changes into your organization’s DNA.

We capture knowledge, processes, policies and business models so that you can compare what you say you do, against your actual operations. How do you know if your staff are doing the right thing?

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What is important to you?

Customer Experience

37% of people would change supplier after just one negative experience. Poor customer service is costing businesses more than $75 billion a year.

Complicated processes cause delays and customer churn and stress

  • Streamline processes based on actual data points
  • Discover inefficiencies and reduce rework
  • Simulate improvements before implementing them

Doing more with less

Compliance is not a one time event. Consistent, repeatable, shareable processes save 20% in time and effort.

Understand where inefficiencies are

  • Take control of your costs
  • Create repeatable proceses

Maintain Compliance

Middle managers and senior executives chalk up to 20% (8.9 hours) of the working week complying with rules and compliance. Others spend 6.4 hours

Avoid disruption caused by compliance failures

  • Reduce impact of audit costs
  • Save time meeting quality and safety obligations

Which product is right for you?

Process Mining

Process Mining unlocks the potential of your IT systems and data.

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Business Management System

A Business Management System (BMS) that designs your future operational model.

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Digital Twin of an Organization

A DTO that mirrors your actual business model and executes your strategy using digital intelligence.

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Register  with priority code  SYMPOSIUM5  to save $575 on the standard price.

Register with priority code SYMPOSIUM5 to save $575 on the standard price.

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