Installing Modeler Patches


This document describes how to install Modeler patches using the Modelpedia servers 2.5 and above.


  • Access to the Modelpedia Administration Portal


Copy the patch zip file to a location which is easily accessible. Using the Desktop is recommended.

Use a web browser to navigate to the Modelpedia landing page. This can be found by entering the address of the Modelpedia server into the address bar.

Click on the Administration button.

Log in information may be required.

Navigate to the Client Patches page.

Click the Install… button.

Click the Choose file button.

Navigate to the patch file and click the Open button.

Click the Install button.

Click the Close button.

The patch should now be visible on the Client Patches page. The Administration Portal can be closed.

Modeler users will then open Holocentric Modeler and connect to the Modelpedia repository which is hosting the patch. A dialog box will appear, notifying of an available patch. Press the update button.

Upon successful installation, Modeler will need to be restarted.

Once Modeler has been closed and reopened, it will be patched and ready to use.