Installing Modelpedia Server Patches


This document provides instructions on applying patches to Modelpedia server installations.


  • Server patch file, usually supplied in .zip format
  • Administrator access to the Modelpedia server
  • Modelpedia is not performing any publishing jobs


Make sure the patch file is on the Modelpedia server.

Stop the Holocentric Modelpedia Server service using the Services control panel.

Navigate to the Modelpedia installation directory, by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Holocentric\Modelpedia and back up the contained Server directory.

Extract the contents of the server patch file into the Server directory, overwriting all files. Restart the Modelpedia service.

Rolling Back Patches

Stop the Holocentric Modelpedia service.

Delete all the files contained within the Server directory. Do not delete the Server directory itself, as permissions for contained items are inherited from the directory.

Copy the contents of the backup Server directory into the Modelpedia Server directory.

Restart the Modelpedia service.

Recycle the Modelpedia site’s Application Pool or perform an iisreset from an Administrator elevated command prompt.