How to search for content in Modeler

The Search tab allows you to search for items in the library by name or word match.

Search results display in the Reporting Area and can be exported to Microsoft Excel (for example).

Refine the search by using the supplied filters; these include a case sensitive search and a whole word search. A properties filter can be used to look for names and aliases as well as descriptions. 

Search (text):

Enter the criteria you wish to search on here. This can be any string you like.


This drop-down allows you to select a particular type of Item to be included in the search. For example, by selecting 'Process Step' you could search on all Process Steps in the model.

Select <None> to search on all Item types.

Word Matching:

The Word Matching filters allow you to define additional constraints to be applied to the search.

  • Tick the Case sensitive filter to ensure that results match the case entered in the Text.
  • Tick the Whole word filter to ensure that only strings that match the criteria in entirety will be returned.


Property Filter:

The Property Filter allows you to search on particular types of properties on items.

  • Tick Any Property to search on all fields of the Items.
  • Tick Title to search on the Title field of the Items.
  • Tick Alias or Name to search on the Alias and the Name fields of the Items.
  • Tick Description to search the Description field of Items.


The Any Property option is remembered across application sessions.

Multiple filters can be active at any one time allowing complex search criteria to be executed.