Use the 'Locate in' Menus (Types/Catalog/Diagram) to find items in your model

The 'Locate In' Menus provide a convenient way to locate items wherever they are found in your model – on diagrams, in the Catalog View or in the Types View.

Most contexts in which you see models items will have the Locate In menus available on the context menu – diagram items, Catalog and Type views, relationship dialogs, search results, and the reporting area.

Locate in Types.png

Locate In Diagram

This menu lists the diagrams on which the selected item appears. Selecting a menu option will open the corresponding diagram and select the item on it.


Locate in Types

This menu item will locate the item in the Types View and select it. If the item is hidden from the current user by perspectives, filters or prerequisite layers it will be temporarily made visible in the types view and selected.

Locate In Catalog (Ctrl+N)

This menu item will locate the first instance of the item in the Catalog View. Subsequent uses of this menu will locate the next instance in sequence.