Choosing a User Perspective

User Perspectives allow you to limit the content and the functions available to you as a Modeler to just those that are applicable to your role. 

The effect of choosing a Perspective is that the items, menus and menu entries visible to you will be tailored based on your needs.

Examples of perspectives include Business Process Analyst, System Architect, Program/Project Manager, etc. These Perspectives will change the available menus & options in Modeler to reflect how you intend to use Holocentric Modeler.

Perspectives Icon.png

Choose the perspective(s)  you wish to activate by clicking the 'Choose perspectives' icon in the top right of the Modeler window

For example, you can choose the Business Change Manager and Business Process Analyst perspectives.  This limits the appearance of the tool to include only functions which would typically be utilized by a Business Process Analyst. 

Once you have checked the appropriate checkboxes, click OK to save