Understanding Library Colour Coding

In the Modelpedia Repository Workspace and the Modelpedia Explorer Area, libraries are given different colours to indicate their status.

The text color of Libraries in the My Libraries list and other views in the Repository Workspace have the following meaning.

Black:  The Library is located in the repository and is “checked in”

Green: The Library is checked out by the current user.

Red: The Library is checked out by another user.

Blue: The Library has been taken offline.

Grey: The Library may have been checked out by the current user but is not found in the local file cache. This occurs, for example, when a library has been checked out on one workstation and the user has later logged in using another workstation. The cached version of the Library will be located on the original workstation only.

Orange: There is a copy of the library in the current user’s local cache, but the library is not checked out to the current user. This condition may occur if a model administrator undoes a user’s check-out.