View Published Library Website History

Each Library can have many versions published. You can view the publishing history for a Library, which will list all of the Published Library Websites. You can open any of these Websites, although features such as Discussion might be disabled for previous versions.

You can view the Published Library history in two ways:

  1. Via the published portal
  2. Using the Repository Workspace

Via the Publishing Portal

  1. Navigate to the Publishing Portal,
  2. Open the details for a particular Model.


The details will show an accordion style view of the history of previously published versions. The most recently published Model will be expanded to show the publishing details, as well as links to open the Published Model for viewing. You can expand previous versions by clicking on the icon to open it

Via the Repository Workspace

Using the Repository Workspace, open the Properties of a particular Library or published version of that library.





All published versions can be accessed via the '+' to the left of the library name (Note that only libraries that have been published will have the '+'