Align Items

Holocentric Modeler allows you to select two or more items and position them so that they are aligned to their left, right, top or bottom edges, or so that they are aligned along their X or Y central axis. In addition, a selection of three or more shapes can be evenly distributed across a diagram either vertically or horizontally.


When you align a set of selected items, they are aligned relative to the first item that you select.

  • Select all the items you wish to align.
  • From the Item menu select Layout then Align Objects. Choose the alignment option you need from the right-click menu. The available options are:
    · Top (to align the top edges);
    · Bottom (to align the bottom edges);
    · Left (to align the left edges);
    · Right (to align the right edges);
    · Center X (to align the central X axis - horizontal); and
    · Center Y (to align the central Y axis - vertical).

These alignment tools are also available on the Layout toolbox: