Edit Diagram Properties > Options Tab

From the main diagram canvas, right click and then select Properties... from the context menu. The Options tab shows a number of options which may vary depending on the type of diagram:


Title and Lines.

  • Re-create diagram title : Re-creates the default title on the diagram's backing page when you click OK. Note that any existing text will be removed from the backing page first.
  • Default thick lines : Prints connection lines between diagram items slightly thicker.
  • Alias Names : If diagram items have alias names, they are labeled with their alias name.
  • Detail : Applies only to diagram items -
    • Which are set to show as node style (not image, see visible appearance of diagram items) and -
    • Where the node style is of a type that has the detail property. These are typically all Classes, as well as Java Package, Java File, C# Namespace, C# File, UDS Project, Delphi Unit and Cluster (Behaviour).