Import items from an uncontrolled library

Holocentric Modeler allows you to merge/combine the contents of one or more uncontrolled libraries into another library in order to consolidate the individual items of project work. It also permits items to be created from a variety of other formats, for example structured text or particular source code.

Importing Step-by-Step

With your library open:

  1. Choose Import from the File menu, or click the Import button  
  2. Choose Object Library (under Interchange) to import items from another library
  3. Select the Repository Library or Library File for the source location of the library to be imported
  4. Click OK




The Import Library Items Dialog

  • Use the ->, <-, ->>, <<- and <<-# buttons to move items between the Excluded items and Included items lists. The # means that a collision between the incoming item and an already existing item will occur - you can use the <<-# button to exclude all collision items
  • Click the Project button to view general properties of a selected item
  • Click the Options button to manage collision settings for this import
  • Automatically include dependant items is checked by default - this means that if you move an item, any items that have a relationship with that item will also be moved
  • Check Launch AutoDoc following load if you want to automatically launch AutoDoc, which helps you identify key classes and methods.
  • Import into catalog - select your current library catalog to import items into that catalog, or select <Library - not in Catalog> to include items into the library, without adding them to the catalog (they appear only in the Types tab of the Library Explorer)
  • Click Related to move all excluded items that have relationships with included items, into the included list
  • Click Contents if there are Catalogs in the include list that contain items in the exclude list, and you want to move those items into the include list as well
  • Click Catalogs if there are items in the include list that belong to catalogs in the exclude list, and you want to move those catalogs into the include list as well

5.  Click Load to complete the import

Note: Objects that collide and have a status of Marked as Deleted will be deleted from the target library. When no collision occurs, items with a status of Marked as Deleted will be rejected.

Only catalogs can be merged or renamed. Items other than system items, such as Classes and Actors, can be replaced or renamed. System items are replaced by default.