Resolve Common Teamwork Questions/Issues

Adjusting item locks

From time to time the library manager may need to unlock an item. For example if a team member who has locked the item is not available, and another team member must take over responsibility for updating the item. In the same circumstances, the library manager can simply change the lock owner, rather than unlocking the item.

Viewing item locks

From the menu Library > Teamwork > Show Team Access.... On the Item Locks tab you can view which items are locked and by whom. If you are the library manager, you will also be able to edit the item locks when locking is disabled.

Unlock an item

In the row containing the item you wish to unlock, click on the Action which says Lock. From the drop-down list select Unlock. Click OK to apply your change.

Change the lock owner

In the row containing the item whose lock owner you wish to change, click on the item's User. From the drop-down list select the team member who is to be the new lock owner. Click OK to apply your change.

If you are the library manager but find that editing the item rows is disabled, make sure that Enable Locking is not checked on the Team Management menu.

Notifying team members

On the menu Library > Teamwork > Send Message.... Select the team members you wish to send a message to. Then enter your message and click OK to send. Only team members currently working on their libraries will receive the message. The receiving user sees the message briefly on the Modeler title bar and may view it in the application transcript window under View > Transcript.

The sender can also view the text of the sent message in their Reporting - Message window.