Setting a Home Diagram

Let’s look at how to nominate a diagram to be the Home Diagram for a published model.

This will be the first diagram that will be displayed by default when you open your published model and will be the home page. This could be a General Diagram for e.g. an overview of the Divisions within a business, an Organization Chart, or any other type of diagram such as a Process Area Diagram.

To set a home diagram for your library,

1.  In Modeler, look for the item type Role Catalog and expand it to reveal Role Catalog items within.

2. Select an item and right-click to reveal menu. Select the option Properties which will open the item properties window.

3. Look for the Home field and click on the ellipses button  next to the text field. Now in the Pick Target Item window select the diagram that you want and click on the OK button.

4. Then in the item properties window click on the OK button.

Home Diagram.png

Publish the model.

Note: If there are multiple Role Catalog items, then you can assign a Home Diagram for each item. Each Role Catalog item will appear in the drop down next to the Home button in the published website in Modelpedia. When a Role Catalog is selected, you will be taken to the Home Page assigned to that Role Catalog.