Synchronise a Diagram

When you create a diagram, you may place items on the diagram that already exist in your underlying library model. If these items already have established relationships, you can add these relationships to the diagram by synchronising the diagram with the underlying model.

Holocentric Modeler allows you to do this for the whole diagram, selected items only, or specific relationship types.

To synchronize the entire diagram for all relationship types:

  • From the Diagram's context menu choose Synchronize.
  • Select All Types.
  • Click OK

Synchronising a diagram will result in Holocentric Modeler automatically displaying the relationship links between the items on the diagram as dashed blue lines. You may synchronise for all types or choose to only synchronise selected relationship types. 

 You can synchronize relationships involving a subset of items by first selecting the items on the diagram and then using one of the synchronise menu options in the Diagram menu. This ensures only relationships between the selected items and other items on the diagram are synchronised. Relationships between unselected items are ignored.