The Diagram Automation Wizard

The Diagram Automation Wizard helps automate the updating of diagram settings across a range of diagrams. These include:

  • Page Layout settings like Page Size and Orientation
  • Notation
  • Diagram Template
  • Label

The wizard is useful for applying changes to diagram templates to the existing diagrams.

Invoke the Diagram Automation Wizard from the Tools > Diagram Automation >Diagram Automation Wizard menu item.


1.  Choose the type and selection of diagrams you wish to modify. 


2.  Select the style settings to be applied. Update the Label field to apply to the diagram(s) only. 


3.  Select the Page Layout settings to be applied.

By default, all diagrams use the page size of the current default printer.


4. Select the diagram template to reapply.

The wizard will merge the layers from the selected diagram template with the diagrams.

An action may be selected for each layer in the template diagram:

  • Add: all diagram items in the layer in the template diagram will be copied to the equivalent layer in the diagrams, leaving existing diagram items intact.
  • Replace: all diagram items in the diagram layer will be removed and replaced by those copied from the template layer.