Add Hyperlinks to Images

You can make an image a hyperlink to other library items, external websites or files:

  1. Right click the image
  2. Select Edit Link/Script or Image…
  3. Click the Hyperlink tab
  4. Choose your hyperlink type and 
  5. Click OK
  • Item or link relationship is a link to an item within your library. Choose the target from the dropdown or click the browsebutton.
  • Simple URL is a link to a website or a file. Enter the URL or click the browsebutton to select a file.

When linking to an item within Modeler, you may need to copy the item into your working library. If you want the item to be permanently available, you should choose to copy the item into your working library layer.

Modeler uses the UID as a link to the item, so your links won’t break if you decide to rename the item.