Insert or Paste an Image

Insert an image

  1.  Click the Insert Hyperlink > Insert Image button

  2.  Acces the Picture selection by clicking the ellepsis [...] to browse available images

  • If you want the item to be permanently available, you should choose to copy the item into your working library layer
  • You can see a preview of your image within the list

  3.  To add a hyperlink to the image, see the section Adding hyperlinks to images

  4.  Click OK

Paste an Image

To paste an image from another program:

  1. Copy the image into your clipboard
  2. Open the rich text editor
  3. Right click where you want the image to go and click Paste

Modeler automatically creates this as an image item in your model, with the name 'Image-#', where # is a sequential number. If you want to change this image's name, you can edit this image’s global properties - see Image properties.

If you prefer, you can paste an image directly into your model and set its global properties before inserting the image in your description with the Insert Image button.