Inserting a Frame

HTML frames can be added to Rich Text. Doing so provides a “window” into other web pages. Adding frames allows a user to display information from external pages in Modelpedia in a manner that is contiguous and meaningful. For instance, a real-time stock ticker from the official stock exchange website could be added to the company’s main Modelpedia landing page, providing instant updates to the company’s share prices, or a safety and warning system could be displayed to indicate the status of the workers on the factory floor.

In order to insert a frame into a item (for example a diagram), insert a Control into a rich text field.

Select the type of control to add.

Select “Html Frame”.

Configure the control.

Enter the URL of the page to display within the frame in full form (With the leading http:// and the trailing /).

HTML Frame.jpg

Finally, adjust the desired height and width of the frame. The default dimensions will likely be too small to display the desired web page properly. A minimum size of 640 x 480 is recommended.

When the library is published, the URL added to the frame will be displayed on the diagram, with scrollbars as necessary (as if the webpage was being rendered in a small browser window with no frame). The frame will not render the target web page in Modeler, however. Only a placeholder will be shown.