The Modelpedia search function allows users to search the library for specific items. Searches can be made using key words, but can also be filtered to include only specific Item Types.

To perform a search in Modelpedia,

1.      Click on the Search button on the top right corner of Modelpedia.

Result: A search bar will appear.


2.      Type in the keywords you wish to search for and then press Enter or the Search Button.

Result: A list of items containing the key words will appear.

Note: You may use search operators “ ” to narrow down your search.

You can streamline your search results by filtering the types of items being searched. To filter a search by type:

1.      Click the Settings button in the search bar

Result: The search bar will display Search Criteria Settings

2.      Click the  button to the left of each Item Type Group to show individual Item Types in each Item Type Group

3.      Click the check box to disable or enable searching each Item Type or Item Type Group.

Note: As a guide, the filled check box signifies that the Item Type will be searched, while the empty check box means that the Item Type will not be searched.

Note: You can click the Revert button to restore the settings to the last saved settings.

4.      Once done, click on the Back button to go back to the search results.

5.      Click the Search Button or perform a new search.

Result: The search results displays only items meeting your keywords and search criteria settings.