Set Image Properties

There are two types of image properties:

  1.  The global image properties of the image/diagram item within your library

  2.  The diagram specific properties within the rich text editor

To change an image’s properties within the rich text editor:

  1.  Left click the image

  2.  The original image properties are displayed. You cannot change these here (see below)

  3.  You can change the preferences for this specific instance of the image within your description

  4.  Set a height and width as a percentage of the original

  • Set a an absolute pixel height and width

  5.  If you want to change the aspect ratio, uncheck the Lock aspect ratio check box

  6.  If desired, set a Border

  7.  Click OK

Changing the properties of an image in your description will not affect the properties of the original image in your library.

To change the global image properties:

  1. Locate the image in the Types tab of your Library Explorer
  2. Right click the image and select Properties
  • You can change the images size and aspect ratio here.
  • This will affect every image wherever it appears in a description, unless it has been explicitly set within the description.

Changing the global properties of an image will update all of instances of that image in rich text fields (once they are opened), unless the size has been overridden within the rich text field itself.