Users and Roles in Modelpedia

Roles are used by Modelpedia to authorize any actions, and to filter what you can see.

Roles in the Modelpedia are mapped (by an Administrator) to security entities in the external providers, for example, security groups in Active Directory. The default installation will provide a standard mapping. The Repository Administrator may alter this mapping at any time.


System Authority Role (has permission to...)

Area Administrator

  • Create, delete, rename and add items to an area in the repository. Permissions apply to all items contained within the area.

Area Contributor

  • Add items to an area but not change the properties of or delete the original area.

Area Viewer

  • View the list of contents of an Area but not to view the models or websites in an area.

Classification Contributor

  • Able to classify models as publishing or template libraries. Should not usually be assigned as a discrete role.

Model Administrator

  • Check a model in and out, delete and publish models.

Model Contributor

  • Modify a model but not check it in or out. This role is typically used for the members of a modeling Team.

Model Viewer

  • View the contents of models in read-only mode.

Organization Administrator

  • Create Authority Roles which are user defined. This role has only organization-level maintenance privileges.

Published Model Administrator

  • Delete or change published model websites. May delete discussion items, close discussion topics and create tasks from discussion topics.

Published Model Contributor

  • Read and contribute to discussion on published websites.

Published Model Viewer

  • Access and by default view all the content of a published website. A model may apply further restrictions to content internally.

Repository Administrator

  • Able to perform any action on any item in the Repository, including all Administrative functions. Should not usually be assigned as a discrete role but conferred by membership of the Repository Administrators group.

Repository User

  • Able to log into the Publishing Portal