Change the Notation for all Business Process Diagrams in a Library

Holocentric Modeler allows you to apply a notation to your diagrams that is most suitable for end users. Various pre-configured options are available and custom notations may be created on request.

You can retrospectively change the notation of ALL previously created business process diagrams by following these instructions. 

1. Click on the Tools on the menu bar and hover over the Diagram Automation Wizard…


Result: Page 1 of Diagram Automation – Select Diagrams displays 


2. Select Business Process Diagram from the Type field and click Next

Result: a list of all existing Business Process Diagrams displays

3. Check the Business Process Diagrams to be changed and click Next

Result: Page 2 of Diagram Automation – Content Style displays

4. Click the drop-down next to Notation and select the Notation from the list

Result: Page 3 of Diagram Automation – Page Layout displays

5. Click Next and then click Finish

Result: A warning panel that the changes will be applied to all selected diagrams displays

6. Click OK to complete, and the notations of all selected diagrams change