Model a Business Process Area Diagram

Business Process Area Diagrams (BPADs) are Items used to group and organise Business Process Diagrams (BPDs) and other BPADs. 

To create a Business Process Area Diagram: 

1. Within the Library Explorer – Catalog, click on the Create New Item button

2. Hover over Business Process and click on Business Process Area Diagram

3. Give your new Business Process Area Diagram a name, then click the OK button

Result: the new diagram will be created and displayed in the Main area

You can create and place Business Process Area Diagrams and Business Process Diagrams within a Business Process Diagram to form a process hierarchy or represent a high-level process flow. 

To create and place a new BPAD 

1.  Click the Business Process Area Diagram toolbox item

2.  Click on the New item button 

3. Specify the name for your new BPAD 

4. Click OK, then click on the diagram canvas to place your new BPAD

5. If sequence flow has been modelled between BPADs placed on a BPAD, then the flow is automatically showed on the diagram with a blue dashed arrow.