Authorise Users and Groups to a Library

Holocentric maintains permissions for individuals and groups so that only authorised people can view and modify each model. Groups may also be used to associate role views and user perspectives to a set of individuals. 

1. Navigate to the Modelpedia Repository Explorer - Areas

2. Expand the library catalogs/folder to display the library to be opened

3. Right click the Library and click on Properties

Result: the Properties displays in Modelpedia Workspace 


4. Click Authorization tab and click the Add button 

Result: the Add Authorization panel displays

5. To add a role, click the ellipsis button next to the Role field 


Result: the Select Item panel of roles displays

6. Select the Role from the list and then click OK

7. Next click the ellipsis button next to the Members field


Result: the Select Item panel of groups and users displays

8. Select the group or user(s), and double click to add to the lower Item field. Then click OK

9. Repeat the above Steps 5 to 8 until all Members for the project have been nominated and their Roles are defined

Result: The team composition is displayed in the Library panel

10. Click Save and Close to Complete