Configure the Teamwork Environment

Holocentric Modeler supports teams working together concurrently on the same model. Team members lock individual items they wish to work on, preventing other team members making conflicting changes. 

Follow the instructions below to configure your model for teamwork.  

1. Right click the library to display the context menu. Hover to Library and click Check Out...

Result: Page 1 of the Library Check Out Wizard displays


2. Do not click Next. Instead, click Check Out Details...


Result: The Library Check Out Details dialog displays

3. Tick the Check out to a folder and click the ellipsis button to select a shared network folder/location

Result: The folder path updates to the location you selected

4. Click OK and the Library Check Out Details dialog will close

5. Click Next on Page 1 of Library Check Out Wizard

Result: The Page 3 of the Library Check Out Wizard displays

6. Click the Finish button

Result: The library will be checked out to the shared team folder location and will be opened as well

7. Click the Show Team Wizard icon on your menu toolbar

Result: the Team Wizard - Page 1 displays

8. Click Configure Teamwork and then click Next to continue

  • If your library is not already Teamwork enabled, the only option available is Configure Teamwork
  • If it has already been Teamwork enabled, ensure you open the Team Master library and not your Working library
    • Note: Only the Model Administrator can open the Team Master library

9. Click Finish

10. Save your changes and close the Master Library

Result: The library is enabled for teamwork

Note: Each Team member will have their own Working version of the Master library