Consolidate Teamwork

If you have enabled teamworking for your model and your team members have drafted some changes, you will need to consolidate their changes back into the master before checking it back into the repository. Follow these instructions to consolidate teamwork. 


  • The Teamwork environment of the library has been enabled
  • All team members have closed the library


1. From the Repository Explorer - Areas, right click the library you want to consolidate and click Open Library

Result: The Choose Teamwork Library dialog opens

2. Select Master to open the Master library

3. Click on the Show Team Wizard icon on the toolbar menu

4. Select Consolidate Teamwork option and then click Next

Result: Page 2 of the Team Wizard - Consolidate Options displays

  • Tick Save library prior to backup and consolidation to save the Master library before initiating a backup and consolidation. This allows the Master library to be recovered if there are problems with the consolidation
  • Tick Disable Teamwork following consolidation to disable Teamwork following consolidation. Teamwork must be disabled before a Modelpedia repository controlled master library can be checked-in
  • Select Retain user item locks following consolidation to allow items that have been locked by users to remain locked for those users following consolidation. These locked items are automatically copied into the working library. Otherwise all locks will be cleared

Note: When the first two tick boxes are ticked, then Retain user item locks following consolidation will be disabled

5. Click Next

Result: Once consolidation is completed, Page 4 of Team Wizard - Consolidation Successful will display

6. Review the summary dialog and click Finish to close the Wizard

Note: Having the Check in library on Finish tick box ticked will automatically check in the recently consolidated library


Result #1: All items should now reflect the changes that were applied to, in each individual team users Working Library

Result #2: Consolidation is completed and team users can continue working once teamwork has been re-enabled. (Re-enabling teamwork follows the same process as explained in Configure Teamwork)