Create a work instruction for a process step

Work instructions are the detailed steps required to complete a task or process step. You can incorporate this detailed information into your model so that it is easy for operational users to access this information when they need it. 

1. Navigate to Library Explorer – Catalog

2. Click on the Create New Item button


3. Hover over the Business Process and click on the Work Instruction

Result: the Create Work Instruction panel will display


4. Enter the Name and the content of Work Instruction in the Description.

5. If you want to link to an external document, you search for that document or add the URL to the external document by selecting the Source field as shown below. 


6. To link the Work Instruction to the Process Step, click the ellipsis... button in Process Step(s) field

Result: the Pick Work Instruction panel will display

7. Double click the required Process Step(s) to add them to the lower (selection) list and click OK

Result: The selected Work Instructions is now linked to the Process Step

8. Click Save and Close to complete