Create Personalised & Summary Views

You can create personalised and summary views that make it easier for end users to view the content that is relevant to them or their team. There are a few options available , but one of the most simple is to create a navigation view. Instructions are provided below:

1. Navigate to Library Explorer – Catalog

2. Click the Create New Item button, Hover over Configuration > Navigation By Process Performer

Result: the Create Navigation By Process Performer panel displays

3. Enter a Name and enter the Description for this view, and click OK

4. Click the Properties tab and click Navigation sub-tab

5. Click on the ellipsis… button of the Inputs field

Result: The Select Items panel displays

6. Double click on the process role to add it to the lower Item field

7. Click the OK button and the Select Items panel will close

Result: The selected role(s) is added to the Navigation view item


8. Click the Save button and Close to complete

9. To view the Navigation View, navigate to the item in the Catalog view and double click the item

Result: The Navigation By Process Performer Dashboard will display as a preview within the Main Workspace Area. This preview mode shows how the Dashboard will display when it is published.