Generate a RACI Matrix

A RACI matrix describes the responsibilities of each role/position involved in a Business Process Area. 

Based upon the process definitions in the Holocentric model, you can generate a detailed RACI matrix (i.e. Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) highlighting the roles in the model and their relative importance to specific activities.

The categorisation of roles within the RACI matrix is based upon the following criteria within the process model:

Responsible - (R) - Those who do work to achieve the task. There can be multiple resources responsible. Initiating process roles/positions are Responsible for the performance of each process step.

Accountable – (A) -The resource ultimately accountable for the completion of the task. There should only be one accountable role specified for each task. A Process Manager is accountable for all of the activities which are performed within a process.

Consulted – (C) - Those whose opinions are sought. Two-way communication. Interaction process roles/positions are consulted during the performance of an activity.

Informed – (I) - Those who are kept up-to-date on progress. One-way communication. Notification process roles/positions are informed of the completion of each activity.

View the RACI Matrix 

To veiw a RACI Matrix for a Business Process Area of interest simply:

  1. view the diagram
  2. click on the RACI tab in the top right corner of the page