Generate & print reports from within your Published Model

If you ever need to take a hard copy version of your processes or procedures away with you where you can't access the Modelpedia website, you can print a report straight from Modelpedia before you go.

The print function within Modelpedia isn't a simple screen print, it is much more comprehensive and allows you to generate reports based on pre-set templates that aggregate all of the relevant information you need. 

For example, for a Business Process Diagram, you can use the Procedure report to generate a document containing the parent Business Process Area Diagram, all of the contained Business Processes along with their process step descriptions. 

To generate a report, simply:

1. Navigate to the item of interest

2. Click on Menu from the top Modelpedia bar

3. Select Print from the menu

4. Select the Report you wish to generate 

5. Select the format of the report you desire (DOCX or PDF) 

6. A dialog will be presented, choose to open or save the generated report

The report will then be generated by the Modelpedia server.