Holocentric Modeler Keyboard shortcuts

Name Shortcut Key Description
Add Shortcut... Ctrl+N Add Shortcut...
All Types Ctrl+/ Synchronize connections using any relationship between the selected items and any others on the diagram
All Types Selection Ctrl+Shift+/ Synchronize connections using any relationship type only between the selected items
Animate Ctrl+Shift+N Animate
Apply Layout... Ctrl+L Layout of the diagram items
Bold Ctrl+B Bold selection
Break Out Title Ctrl+Shift+B Break out the item title
Bring Forward Ctrl+. Bring selection forward in the drawing group
Bring To Front Ctrl+] Bring selection to the front of their draw group
Bullet List Ctrl+Shift+B Bullet list Paragraph
Check Integrity... Alt+Shift+I Check the integrity of the library
Choose Normal Font Ctrl+F Choose Normal font
Class Inspector Ctrl+Shift+I Class Inspector
Clear/Delete Delete Clear/Delete
Close All Ctrl+Shift+F4 Close All
Close Library Ctrl+W Close open library
Close Tab Ctrl+F4 Close Tab
Color... Ctrl+Shift+C Pick a color
Complete Code Ctrl+Space Try complete code statement
Configuration Editor Ctrl+Shift+; Configuration Editor
Contents F1 Contents
Contents... Ctrl+N Maintain the visible contents of the selected item
Copy Ctrl+Insert Copy
Copy Ctrl+C Copy
Copy Format Ctrl+F Copy the format properties of the first item and apply it to all selected items
Curve Ctrl+R Make connection curved line
Cut Ctrl+X Cut
Cut Shift+Delete Cut
De-Select All Ctrl+D De-Select All
Description Editor Ctrl+Shift+D Description Editor
Developer Tools Ctrl+Shift+T Developer Tools
Diagram Settings Ctrl+Shift+M Diagram Settings
Edit Appearance Ctrl+E Edit Appearance
Edit Scenario Conditions... Ctrl+Shift+S Edit Scenario Conditions...
Editor Ctrl+Shift+W Show HTML Editor
Export... Ctrl+F12 Export items from open library
Find... Ctrl+F Find specified text
Find/Replace... Ctrl+F Find/Replace specified text
Floating Work Area Ctrl+Shift+K Floating Work Area
Font... Ctrl+Shift+F Font...
Goto Item Layer F6 Make the layer of an item active
Group Ctrl+G Group selected items
Heading 1 Ctrl+1 Style Heading 1
Heading 2 Ctrl+2 Style Heading 2
Heading 3 Ctrl+3 Style Heading 3
Heading 4 Ctrl+4 Style Heading 4
Heading 5 Ctrl+5 Style Heading 5
Heading 6 Ctrl+6 Style Heading 6
Hide By Classification... Ctrl+; Hide By Classification...
Hierarchy Ctrl+H Make connection hierarchical line
Import... F12 Import items into open library
Indent Ctrl+Shift+I Indent paragraph
Insert Template Ctrl+Enter Try complete code statement
Inspect Selection Ctrl+Shift+N Inspect the current selection
Invert Selection Ctrl+Shift+A Invert Selection
Italic Ctrl+I Italicize selection
Justify Center Ctrl+Shift+E Center justify text
Justify Left Ctrl+Shift+L Left justify text
Justify Right Ctrl+Shift+R Right justify text
Layers... F4 Maintain the diagram layers
Library... Ctrl+O Open existing library...
Line Route Layout Ctrl+Shift+R Line Route Layout
Locate in Catalog Ctrl+N Show the next catalog that includes the item in the catalog view
Lock to Canvas Ctrl+Shift+L Lock the selected item to the canvas
Maintain Field Ctrl+K Maintain link
Model Delete Alt+Delete Model Delete
Next Editor Ctrl+Tab Next Editor
Next Session Ctrl+Alt+Right Next Session
Normal Ctrl+0 Style Normal
Number List Ctrl+Shift+N Number list Paragraph
Open Enter Open
Open Edit Model Enter Open Edit Model
Paste Shift+Insert Paste
Paste Ctrl+V Paste
Paste Special... Ctrl+Shift+V Paste Special...
Position Ctrl+Shift+O Reset the position of the item to the grid, or else a labelto the default position
Preview Ctrl+Shift+P Show HTML Preview
Previous Editor Ctrl+Shift+Tab Previous Editor
Previous Session Ctrl+Alt+Left Previous Session
Print... Ctrl+P Print diagram
Properties Alt+Enter Properties
Properties... Alt+Enter Edit the selected item model properties
Properties... Ctrl+Shift+P Edit library properties
Properties... Ctrl+K Edit the selected item's appearance properties
Recomile Ctrl+F9 Compile all script-based classes
Refresh F5 Refresh active view
Refresh Ctrl+F5 Refresh item selection
Regular Ctrl+U Make connection regular line
Relationship Types... Ctrl+' Synchronize connection from chosen relationship types
Remove Shortcut Delete Remove Shortcut
Remove Task Delete Remove task
Rename F2 Rename the selected item
Repeat Last Tool F8 Repeat selection of the last diagram tool
Replace... Ctrl+H Replace specified text
Save Ctrl+S Save library
Select All Ctrl+A Select All
Select Main Area Next Tab Ctrl+PageDown Select Main Area Next Tab
Select Main Area Previous Tab Ctrl+PageUp Select Main Area Previous Tab
Send Backward Ctrl+, Send selection backwards in the draw group
Send Message... Ctrl+Alt+M Send a message to team members
Send To Back Ctrl+[ Set selection to the back of their draw group
Show ś Characters Ctrl+Shift+C Show special characters
Show Public Elements... Ctrl+Shift+E Show Public Elements...
Show Search Page F3 Show the search page
Straighten Ctrl+T Make connection straight line
Switch Workspace Ctrl+Alt+Down Switch Workspace
Switch Workspace Ctrl+Alt+Up Switch Workspace
Text Ctrl+Shift+A Show plain HTML text
Title & Image... Ctrl+I Title Image...
Toggle Hierarchy Orientation Ctrl+Shift+H Toggle the orientation of the hierarchical line
Toggle Maximize F11 Maximize workspace
Toggle Zoom Ctrl+Shift+Z Toggle Zoom
Toolbar Ctrl+Shift+T Toggle toolbar
Underline Ctrl+U Underline selection
Undo Ctrl+Z Undo
Ungroup Ctrl+Shift+G Ungroup selected items
Unindent Ctrl+Shift+U Unindent paragraph
Unlock Selection from Canvas Ctrl+Shift+U Unlock a clicked item from the canvas
Validate Ctrl+Shift+V Perform BPMN validation
Word Wrap Ctrl+Shift+O Toggle word wrap
Zoom Home Home Zoom Home
Zoom to Fit End Zoom out to page view