Model a Policy that governs a Business Process Area Diagram or Business Process Diagram

You can model the policies that govern a Business Process Area or Business Process. By doing this, you capture the reason why a process or process step must be performed, or performed in a certain way, which is critical information for operational staff, compliance and governance managers and process improvement analysts. 

1. Within the Library Explorer – Catalog view, click on the New Item icon to display the context menu

2. Hover over the Compliance, and then click Policy  

Result: The Create Policy panel displays


3. Enter a Name and the Description of the Policy 

4. Click the Relationships tab and then click the Associations ubtab 

5. Click the ellipsis... button in the Governs Processes field 

Result: The Pick Items panel displays

6. Double click the BPADs or BPDs to add them to the lower item field

7. When all items have been selected, click the OK button

Result: The Pick Items panel closes and the selected item(s) display in the Governs Processes field

8. Click the Save button and Close to complete 

Result #1: The Create Policy panel closes 

Result #2: BPADs and BPDs with a policy item linked to them will be denoted with a Link icon now display