Model people interactions such as “consulted” on a Business Process Diagram

Within a process, there are people who are responsible for performing activities and there are people who are consulted as part of a step, but are not actually responsible for the completion of a step. 

You can represent these interactions within you business process diagrams by identifying them as an interacting role. 


  • A Business Process Diagram is open
  • A Swimlane is created for the role to be interacted with


1. Click the New Interaction Points tool and place it onto the required swim lane

Result: An interaction point is placed in the swim lane


2. To connect the interaction point to the process step where the interaction occurs, click the New Process Step Interaction tool and hover over the process step 

Result: The cursor will change to an icon with the label +/1

3. Click the process step once, move the mouse to the item where the connection ends (the Interaction Point)

Result: The cursor will change to an icon with the label +/2

4. Click the item (the Interaction Point) to finish the connection

Result: The 2 items will now be connected

5. Double-click on the Interaction Line, to add additional details about what the interaction consists of

Result: The Properties of Interaction appears

6. Add a descriptive label into the Label field and click OK

Result: The label will now appear on the Interaction Line