Import content from Excel to Holocentric Modeler

To enable the Excel integration, first add the Import Export library as a prerequisite to your library

1. Click the Library menu bar item to display the drop down menu and click on the Properties…

2. The Library Properties panel displays and click on the Prerequisites

3. Click the Add button

Result: A new “Unknown” item will be added to the Library list and the Prerequisite Layer fields become active


4. Uncheck the Catalog Items check box and click the ellipsis... button for the Library field

Result: The Select Library panel displays

6. From the Prerequisite Libraries folder, click Import Export to highlight it

7. Click the OK button

Result: The selected prerequisite library is added to the Library field

Copy Correctly formatted data TO IMPORT from a spreadsheet

i.e. select the populated cells in MS Excel and press ctrl+c

Data Table:

1. Click the Edit menu bar item to display the drop down menu

2. Click the Paste CSV Items option

Result: A message in a new Items Added tab in the Library Reporting Area lists the items created based on the spreadsheet data