Introduction to discussions

Discussions allow modelpedia users to make comments on diagrams or Items and to read and respond to other people’s comments.
There are a number of reasons to make comments on Diagrams or Items:

  • If you spot an error in a diagram, such as a missing process step, you can notify those responsible about the error
  • If you have an idea of how a process could be improved, you can add your ideas to the diagram
  • You can request documentation or clarification about model content
  • You can respond to other people’s comments.
  • Your model administrator will need to assign you the appropriate permissions before you can contribute to discussions.

Discussions occur through Topics, which users can create and respond to. Discussions evolve as various people reply to Topics and other people’s replies to Topics.

The discussion panel is split into three sections:

  • Items with discussions - displays a list of Diagrams or Items that have discussions attached to them
  • Topics - displays the Topics attached to the selected Diagram or Item
  • Replies - displays Replies to the selected Topic


To view all discussions attached to an item

1. Navigate to the item for which you want to view discussions.

  • You can do this either from the Catalog or Types Area tab, the home page or the Item section of the Discussion Area Tab (the top section in the above diagram)

2. Select the item you are interested in.

  • You can scroll through the list if there are multiple Topics
  • Responses to the selected Topic will appear in the Reply section
  • You can scroll through the list if there are multiple Replies


Create a Topic

1. Navigate to the item for which you want to add a Topic.
2. Expand the Discussion Area by clicking on the Discussion Area Tab.

  • You might want to pin the Discussion Area open while you work with it by clicking the pin button.

3. Click Post Topic.

  • The Post Topic button appears at the top of the (centre) Topic section.
  • This opens the Post Topic dialog box.
  • Enter a subject in the Subject area.

4. Write a description in the text box.

  • You can format your topic using the Formatting toolbar, such as Bold, Italic and Underline

5. Click Save.