Synchronise requirements and testing with the HP ALM (Quality Center) bridge

Holocentric offers a bidirectional synchronisation bridge between SR&F (system requirements) models and the HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Quality Center Enterprise (QC) applications. The bridge supports up to HP ALM version 11, version 12 support is in development, please contact Holocentric for further details. 

Current Holocentric ALM Integration Bridge supports round-trip synchronisation between ALM and Modeler for the following types:

  • Business Process Area Diagram
  • Business Process Diagram
  • Process Step
  • Capability
  • Functional Requirement
  • Non Functional Requirement
  • Rule
  • Rule Set
  • Screen
  • Dialog Message
  • Screen Flow Diagram
  • System Feature
  • System Use Case

Synchronisation of additional and/or custom items types may be configured on request. 

To synchronise with HP ALM, you must first have a licence key with this feature enabled and correct prerequisite library configuration set for your model. Please contact support if you would like assistance to enable this feature.

Further details to setup and enable this feature are available on request, for more information please contact us.