Create a personalised role view

There are a few ways you can configure personalised role based views. Two common options are: 

  1. Create an 'Organization Function' role view
  2. Create a 'Process Performer'  or 'Business Process Area' navigation view


Create an Organization Function role view

1.  Click the 'Choose Perspectives' icon located in the top right hand corner

Result: The Choose Perspectives panel displays

2. Ensure that the following are checked:

  • Business Process Analyst
  • Business Process Modeler
  • Business System Analyst

3. Click 'OK'

4. From the 'New' items drop down, select Organization > Organization Function

Result: A new Organization Function editor will be displayed


5. Complete the Organization Function editor by entering in the following details:

  • Name for the new role view (Mandatory)
  • Description for the new role view (Optional)

6. Click the ellipsis (...) next to the 'Perform Roles' field to select the roles to assign

Result: The 'Pick Items' panel will display

7. From the items list, select the item(s) in the list by double clicking on the item

Result: the Item clicked is added to the bottom panel.

8. Once you have selected all required items, Click 'OK'

Result: The Organization Function editor displays with the fields pre-selected

9. Click 'OK'

Result: The Organization Function item will be created

The Organization Function will then need to be assigned to a Role Catalog to finalise the role view configuration. To create a Role Catalog,

10. Navigate back to the 'Choose Perspectives' icon

Result: The 'Choose Perspectives' panel will be displayed

11. Ensure that'Activate Advanced Perspectives' is ticked

12. Ensure that the 'Activate Advanced Perspectives' is ticked

13. Click 'OK'

14. From the 'New' items drop down, select Configuration > Role Catalog

Result: A new Role Catalog editor will be displayed

15.  Complete the Role Catalog by entering in the following details:

  • Name for the role catalog (mandatory)
  • Description for the role catalog (optional)

16.  Click the ellipsis (...) next to the Home field to select the homepage to assign.

Result: The 'Pick Target Item' panel displays

17. Search for the item to assign as a homepage either by;

  • Wildcard name search in the 'Text' field
  • Filtering by 'Type' to reduce search results

18. Select the item > Click 'OK' 

Result: The Role Catalog editor displays with the item pre-selected

Note: Specific groups of users can also assigned to the Roles Catalog so that only they can see the Role Catalog and its contents. These user groups must reference what we call a 'Model Role' item which is configured by your Model Administrator.

To restrict the view to a specific group of users

19. Click the ellipsis (...) next to the Roles field to select the Model Role to assign to the Role Catalog

20. Click 'OK'

Result: The Role Catalog is created with homepage and Model Role

Note:  Using Organization Functions is only one way to configure personalised role views. To create a 'Process Performer' or 'Business Process Area' Navigation based role view,

Refer to: Create personalised & summary views

After creating personalised role views', the library is required to be published so that the  personalised role views are accessible for consumption in Modelpedia.

Refer to: Publish your library