Accessing your notifications

Modelpedia published websites direct users to any relevant information they should be made aware of, be it changes to their content or tasks to keep the content current. Modelpedia does this by:

·         Sending an email to the users (once per day where required); and

·         Directing uses to access their notifications and tasks in Modelpedia

The Notifications menu displays the notifications applicable to the current user in the current published website. Clicking on a notification takes the user to the appropriate area; a task notification opens the task in question, while a watched item notification displays the item about which the notification was raised. The badge on the menu displays the number of unread notifications. Notifications are considered read when the Notification menu is opened.

Each published website state has its own set of notifications. Notifications for Draft published websites usually don’t cross over with notifications for Proposed and Final websites. Therefore, users logging into different versions of the published website may experience an array of different notifications

To access your notifications:

1.      Click the Notifications button located on the top left of the published website

Result: The Notifications list opens

Note: You may not see the red bell symbol if you do not have any new notifications - if you do have notifications, once you open the notification list, the red bell disappears.

Note: All notifications stay in the notifications tray. They are ordered with the most recent notifications at the top of the list. Unopened/unread notifications are highlighted in grey.