Setting the optimal screen resolution for Modeler

Using high DPI display settings on your screen can result in a change of the layout of BPAD and BPD diagrams, specifically with the appearance of the text size and arrow spacing in these diagrams. To resolve this issue you must change the Windows display settings for your screen.

To do this,

1. Open Windows Settings (click the Windows button on your desktop and type Settings).

2. Select the Display tab  and change the setting for Change the size of text, apps and other items to 100%.

Display Settings.jpg

Note: In some screens, setting this to 100% may result in the text being too small. In such cases, please ensure you change the settings for the Resolution to a lower value.  

3.   Log out and log back in the issue should now be resolved.


  • It is important that you sign out and sign in again for the Windows display setting to be applied. If you are using terminal services such as Remote Desktop, you must ensure that you log out of your terminal service session rather than closing the session. 
  • If you are using Windows 7, follow the instruction here to change the DPI settings.