Publishing with RMU enabled in BMS 3.1.3

When enabling RMU in BMS 3.1.3, you will not be able to compare with a version that has been published prior to BMS 3.1.3. 

To overcome this, you must re-publish in BMS 3.1.3 the previous final version that you want to compare with. 

To do this,

1. Expand the published models list to determine the previous final version of the published model (i.e. the model version that was published in a version prior to BMS 3.1.3). 


2. Right click on the model library and select Properties...


3. Select the Version History tab and locate the model with the same version as the previously published Final model. Right click on the model and click on Check Out as Latest Version...


4. Once the library has been completely checked out, save and check in the library. When checking in, select the option to publish the library and in the next window that appears and click on Publishing Options... 


5. In the window that appears, select Draft as the release version and ensure RMU and notifications are disabled as shown below. 


6. Complete the publishing.

7. Once the publishing is completed, right click on the published model and select Properties...


8. Change the release version to Final and click on Save.


9. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for the current Final model version, but this time publish the model as Final with RMU and notifications enabled as shown below. 


The model will now be published with RMU enabled and you can compare with the previous final version of the model library.